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Reopening Guidelines / Limited Jummah at the Clarion Hotel and MCCL every Friday at 1 PM

Limited Jummah at the Clarion Hotel starting Friday June 19, 2020 at 1 PM. Please follow the guidelines below

All daily prayers and activities suspended at MCCL until further notice.


Jummah Guidelines:

In order to attend Jummah please do the following:
– Must be registered.
– Must wear a face mask.
– Must bring your prayer rug.
– Must be 14 years old or older.
– Must come with wudu.
– Must not shake hands or hug anyone.
– Must keep 6 feet distance from everyone.
– Must not be sick or feeling sick.
– Everyone in your household where you live must not be sick or feeling sick.

– Elders above the age of 65 are strongly recommended to stay home.
– One person per family attend Jummah.

Why do we have to register for Jummah?
This is for “Contact Tracing” outlined by the local, state and federal authorities.
Learn more about contact tracing here: