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In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficing the Most Merciful

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote religious freedom through the First Amendment and enhance understanding of the world’s religions and their contributions to human history. The Muslim Community Center of Leesburg (MCCL) aims to help and benefit all human beings by working with Muslim educators and Islamic organizations in order to foster the development and growth of quality education, service, and stability of the Muslim community. MCCL aims to provide authentic Islamic education and practice in addition to helpful social services.

Outcome Statement
In addition, MCCL has set a goal of becoming a sound institution with high standards of conduct. Comprehensive and balanced Islamically oriented education so that our students can move forward successfully into higher education and vocational endeavors and ultimately take their place as an integral part of the diverse multicultural society that is USA as confident, contributing Muslims who will be very much part of the solution to the ills of society and not part of the problem; while being ever mindful of the hereafter. The MCC L mission clearly describes its organizational duties to promote friendly relations and understanding between the Muslim community and the general public, and to disseminate information on Islamic principles. We pray to Almighty that He provides us the resources and strength to fulfill our mission of bringing peace to this planet by serving all human beings irrespective of their choice of faith (Amen).

Governing Body
The policy and financial decisions are made by a Governing body consisting of founding members of the Muslim Community Center of Leesburg. Everything is done in accordance with a constitution designed to ensure that all involved with the management and day to day operations of the school and realign Service remains focused on the purpose for which the community and schools were established.

501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization
The MCCL is run by: MCCL Governing body Administration Incorporated, formally Muslim Community Center of Leesburg, which officially registered in June 2006 under the Commissioner of Corporate Affairs as a non profit organization. There are no shareholders, or private ownership, nor does MCCL run as a business. All Income received is directed to meeting the operating costs of the school and religions service other income is directed towards providing resources and improving the schools facilities. The Muslim Community Center of Leesburg is established solely for the benefit of the All Muslim and non Muslim Community in order to provide high quality education and service in all subject areas in an Islamic environment and in schools managed ands staffed by Muslims. The Islamic nature of the School must take precedence over all other considerations. With the help of Allah (SWT) we shall prepare our children to become Muslim Role Models, exemplary citizens in their communities and to excel in their professional careers.

Certificate of Incorporation
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